Helping Hands CBD

Helping Hands was created by a group of hemp farmers, hemp manufacturers, and hemp distributors who wanted to join together to be sure we are able to provide help to those who need the benefits of a CBD oil, but might have trouble affording the help they need, for whatever reason that may be.

This group of givers longs to provide relief, rather than pad their own pockets with profits. Because of this, Helping Hands charges only enough to cover our costs, even lower if our customers need relief.

The mission of Helping Hands is simple, provide the highest quality CBD extract to those who need it the most, no matter what it takes.

Helping Hands CBD products are every bit as quality as anything else on the market. Our products contain exactly the amount of CBD as listed, and will always be lab tested to ensure 100% accuracy and quality. The only difference, is that we don't cost as much. Seriously, we're that passionate about providing you with the CBD you need, and deserve at an affordable cost.

Helping Hands 1000MG tinctures and vapeable CBD products start at only $59.99 and can be found here.

For those who do not have the ability to pay full price for Helping Hands CBD, please fully fill out the form below. Within one business day, one of our representatives will reach out to you through the contact information provided to talk about how we can help you. We promise not to bother you by calling you over and over again, and we promise not to share your contact information with anyone else. We simply want to help you afford the relief you deserve. You are not required to provide your phone number, but if you would prefer us reach out to you by phone, you may provide your phone number.

Please note that we do not and can not make any health claims about our products. We can also not give away free CBD, however we can help make it more affordable.

You are in a judgement free zone. No matter what your reason, we're here to help.